Appetite Suppressants

How Do Appetite Suppressants Work

One of the most popular types of weight loss product are appetite suppressants, they can be found in various forms;


Common forms of appetite suppressants include oral sprays, patches, drinks and pills but they all basically do the same thing – Change the way that the body recognises and reacts to cravings and the feelings of hunger.

Had A Bad Day?

We have all had them , a bad day at work, a family crisis or simply just worn out after looking after the children all day.

What do we do?? We usually head to the kitchen and find the most calorific, sugar laden snack that we can find and eat it as quickly as possible – sometimes we will go back for a second helping…

The instant sugar rush of the snack goes someway to improving our moods and making us feel better, but what it often does is go straight to our hips, bottom and tummy as unwanted fat.

emotional eating

When we are stressed or hungry the body releases certain cortisol stress hormones, to counteract this, a good appetite suppressant will help to stop the release of these stress hormones, instead they stimulate the body, encouraging the production of other hormones such as dopamine or seratonin.

Appetite suppressants work to combat this by improving our moods in other ways, many work at hormonal levels to address the need or desire to snack before even we reach the kitchen.

These are often referred to as our ‘feel good hormones’.

These hormones are responsible for our feelings of wellness and calm, they control sleep patterns, our moods and for the dieter, most importantly, our feelings of fullness (saiety) and our urge to eat between meals.

Increased levels of Seratonin and Dopamine have been clinically linked to a reduction in appetite.

What Ingredients To Look Out For

Over the years, one of the popular ingredients has been Hoodia Gordini, an extract taken from a cactus native to certain parts of africa, this was (until recently) one of the most popular appetite supressants available, it was highly effective but last year Hoodia was banned from sale in the UK, EU and many other countries.

Other products use seaweed extract, a natural fiber called glucomannan, various green teas and compounds like 5-htp which is known to elevate the natural levels of seratonin and dopamine.

One of the most effective appetite suppressing ingredients is Phenylethamine HCL, it is clinically proven to elevate natural dopamine Phen375-bottlesblankproduction, improving our moods and reducing the natural feelings of hunger.

Phenylethamin HCL is a key ingredient in a product called Phen 375,

this is a powerful yet 100% safe and approved weight loss pill that quickly generates steady weight loss by working in two ways:

  • It Reduces Appetite
  • Raises Metabolism To Trigger More Effective Fat Burning

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