What Is Ephedrine

Ephedrine is a stimulant that works to increase heart rate and the working of the nervous system.


It is derived from a plant called Ephedra Sinensis, popular in chines traditional medicine, the chinese know it as Ma Huang.

Ephedra is often sold as Herbal E, it is commonly found in slimming pills and sports/energy supplements.

Synthetic versions of the extract are also found in both asthma treatments and cold remedies.

Ephedrine Fact – Crystal Meth can also be made from Ephedrine

How Does Ephedrine Work

It works by boosting your nervous system and metabolism, it can make you feel happy, confident and your skin highly sensitive. Take too much and you can develop dry mouth, racing heart rate and muscle spasms.

Health Risks

In very small doses, Ephedrine can be useful, especially in cold remedies and asthma treatments because it can help to open the airways and improve breathing.

Ephedrine increases heart rate and blood pressure, excessive or long term use can generate heart problems, cardiac arrest and strokes, even in very healthy people. It can also cause vision problemsUnknown

It is NOT advisable for anybody with any heart of blood pressure problems to use Ephedrine

The Law Surrounding Ephedrine

In small doses it is still permissible to use Ephedrine, but the governments of many countries have now made the drug available by doctors prescription only, making its supply online now illegal.

Weight Loss Products Containing Ephedrine

With Ephedrine strictly controlled (and rightly so) it has been left to pharmaceutical companies to develop natural alternatives to this powerful, yet dangerous weight loss drug.

Products such as Ephedrix provide similar results without any of the potentially nasty side effects

More About Ephedrix

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