Our Cookie Policy

Cookies (not the delicious kind, unfortunately) are small files that are sent and stored on your web browser and hold certain pieces of information. Websites use them to offer a more personalised and interactive browsing experience and, in order to protect a person’s privacy, they are only accessible by the website that they originate from.

Cookies have been used on the internet for several years to create a more enhanced online experience for the user, however, in May 2011, a new law was brought in that means websites must notify users should they wish to send cookies from their website to a person’s personal computer. While cookies are harmless data files, it is now a legal requirement that people give their express consent to the use of them online.

Your browser may already accept cookies from most websites automatically, however, you can change your settings to disable the use of them completely, or notify you if a website wishes to send one. Opting to not receive cookies will not affect your general internet use, but it may restrict certain activities you carry out online or prevent you from accessing all areas of certain websites, particularly those that require member registration.