Avilean review

Does Avilean really work, is it a scam?

avilean-reviewAvilean is not the most well-known of diet pills. It is relatively new to the market and makes claims to be powerful fat burner and detoxifier.

The website is flashy, containing all the pictures and promo stuff that you would expect from a diet pill, but the question is, as always, does it actually work as a weight loss aid?

Well, off the bat, this question is particularly difficult to answer. While the website makes sweeping statements such as ‘Build a tighter body’, ‘Boost your metabolism’ and ‘Build definition’, there is little in the way of information detailing what Avilean is and how it is supposed to work.

A small picture of some berries and a few references to ‘super berries’ are all that is mentioned on the official page, but there is nothing specific; what are these ‘super berries’?

There is a small section dedicated to Avilean’s so-called media endorsement, but again, no actual details. A couple of stock images of news reports and a few unreferenced media sources are not really enough to convince us that this is a product that will work.

What’s in the formula?

Avilean-websiteOn Avilean’s website there is absolutely no information regarding ingredients and their effectiveness.

A little digging around the internet however leads us to believe that Avilean uses a proprietary blend of Amylezene, Green Tea Extract, 5-HTP, Acai Berry Powder, White Tea Extract and Oolong Tea Extract.

There is certainly nothing spectacular about these ingredients, they are all fairly well known in the market and have been used countless times before.

The issue with Avilean is the lack of detailed information; labelling its ingredients as a ‘proprietary blend’ is always a warning flag. There is no way of knowing what you are taking and if the quantities will have any effect whatsoever, least of all be safe.

Is Avilean effective? – Customer complaints

Probably not. Although it’s impossible to say for certain without any hard evidence but certainly independent customer reviews of Avilean online are not exactly glowing. Most people have had little to no weight-loss at all and many of them complain about the company and its free trial auto-ship offer.

Is it worth it?

avilean-dietWe can’t recommend it. Those in to know will be familiar with this sort of auto-ship, money making product; at least Avilean have the good grace to let you know it’s an auto-ship programme you are signing up to on its homepage, but this tactic of selling is frowned upon by consumer protection bodies.

The single page website contains no information on the product itself and stock images of super-svelte individuals amidst claims of ‘burning fat to reveal defined abs’ is somewhat unrealistic.

It’s also difficult to validate its claims to be an excellent purifier and detoxifier, even with its proprietary blend information. None of these ingredients have any specific detoxifying properties and to our knowledge, have not been clinically trialled in the Avilean blend to prove their worth.

It’s also worth mentioning that while digging around online, it is apparent that the owner of this particular diet pill brand has been found guilty of fraud in the past and was fined an obscene amount of money for running a similar type of programme in the US.

Our advice on this one, probably best avoided.

Recommended Alternatives…Phen375

Phen375-bottlesblankAs always our recommendation is to opt for diet supplements which have lots of feedback, guarantees, good customer support and a natural formulation that is free from side effects.

One product which does tick all the right boxes is Phen375, now in its 4th year as USA’s best selling non-prescription pill.

Phen375 works by stimulating the body to burn fat and stop cravings that prevent you from lowering calorie intake. There is so much good feedback surrounding this brand that we have no problem giving it our recommendation.

Read more about Phen375 in our review


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