Ketone Balance Duo

Ketone Balance Duo Review

100% Natural And Safe, But Can The Latest Combination Formula From Evolution Slimming Really Deliver Effective Weight Loss?

Uk based weight loss specialists Evolution Slimming have just launched their latest product in the battle against weight Ketone-Balance-Duo-Bottlesgain, called Ketone Balance Duo it combines the proven power of Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Beans, along with Green tea and a natural stimulant – namely Guarana to help boost metabolism and reduce appetite.

Although this particular product is relatively new, the makers (Evolution Slimming) have a long established history and reputation for delivering good effective products. They were the first to highlight and develop a product that uses Raspberry ketones, and were the brand featured on both Fox News and the DR Oz show.

Ingredients In Depth

Raspberry Ketones – the extract from raspberries, ketones actually give the fruit its delicious taste and scent, it is proven to stimulate the body’s lipolysis production which in turn stimulates fat burning

Green Coffee Beans – The untoucched, natural form of coffee beans, high in chlorogenic acid, which helps to clear fat cells from the body. It is thought that taking green coffee extract daily can reduce body fat by 30%

Green Tea – A proven antioxidant with many proven health benefits, it has also been clinically documented to increase the metabolism, triggering the natural fat burning processes.

Guarana – A natural form of caffeine, iot helps to provide energy, boost metabolism and curb appetite

 User Feedback

In a very short timescale, Ketone Balance Duo has already delivered some impressive results, users report encouraging results that include increased energy, reduced appetite and side effect free weight loss.

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Any Side Effects

Although a newish product, the ingredients in Ketone Balance Duo are all time served and clinically proven to be effective ketone-balanceand safe. The only people who could feel the effects are those who have an intolerance to caffeine – these are not generally severe – just a ‘hit’ similar to drinking a cup of expresso.

Our Verdict

Evolution Slimming do have a well earned reputation for delivering products that work, the ingredients are safe, 100% natural and unlikely to cause any adverse reactions.

The ingredients and dosing are fully documented, so you know exactly what you are taking, and the makers offer a full cash back guarantee on all orders.

It’s not the cheapest weight loss pill on the market, but for your money, you are getting four of the most proven weight loss ingredients available anywhere.

Ketone Balance Due costs from $59.99 with free worldwide shipping and can be ordered securely directly from the official website

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