Lipo 30 Review

What is Lipo30, is it any good?

lipo-30 bottlesLipo30 is a diet supplement which the manufacturer claims contains only natural ingredients which have each been proven in clinical trials to be effective at encouraging weight loss.

Taking three capsules a day, it is suggested, “users will burn more fat, eat less food and lose weight fast.”

Is Lipo 30 effective?

There are a total of 10 ingredients in Lipo30, though the most powerful appears to be Chromax, which is a form of Chromium Picolinate.

One scientific study suggested that this element may have appetite suppressant properties as well as regulating the production of insulin, which may be beneficial for diabetics (

However, a later study published in Diabetes Care in 2005 found Chromium supplementation had no effect on weight loss or insulin levels.

lipo-30-websiteThe major concern about Chromium relates to the quantity: according to the official Lipo30 website, each of its tablets contain 333.335mcg, which the manufacturers claim is 33% of the recommended daily intake.

The actual recommended daily allowance for chromium is between 50 and 200mcg (, so if the website is correct, the pill contains between five and 20 times the recommended daily dose of chromium!

Whilst in the absence of scientific research, it is difficult to predict the possible side effects of a regular and significant overdose of chromium, the inclusion of this ingredient, in the stated quantity, has to be regarded as somewhat suprising.

Other ingredients in the Lipo30 formulation include:

lipo-30-ingredientsIrvingia Gabonensis: (African Mango) (100mg): this has been shown to be useful in controlling metabolism and appetite.

However, since similar products contain as much as 2500mg of this ingredient, the 100mg in Lipo30 is likely to be wholly ineffective.

Green Tea: another ingredient which has proven benefits as an antioxidant and fat burner. Again, at only 100mg per tablet, this ingredient is unlikely to have a dramatic effect upon weight loss.

Also present are relatively small amounts of:

  • Cissus Quadrangularis: Claimed to block fat absorption.
  • COQ10: An antioxidant, also found naturally in the body.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: The mood and energy enhancing properties of this ingredient should be balanced by common side effects of caffeine, including insomnia, anxiety and headache.

Given the published data on quantities of ingredients in Lipo30, it is clear that Chromax will have the greatest impact. If the published data is accurate, the quantity of this ingredient far exceeds the recommended daily dosage.


The website offers a “gold standard 90 day money back guarantee”, though there is no way of knowing how many dissatisfied customers are satisfied with the response they receive when they attempt to reclaim their payment. The current retail price of Lipo30, for 90 days’ supply is $89.95 instead of the usual $299.97.


Either the labelling of this product is wildly inaccurate, or the levels of Chromium contained within Lipo30 are absurdly high. The manufacturer’s claims in relation to the weight loss properties of other ingredients are not backed up with credible scientific evidence in the quantities supplied here.

What are the customers saying?

The manufacturer’s website carries a number of ‘customer’ testimonials, which all, of course, speak of the product in glowing terms.

lipo30-2packGenuine customer reviews can be found for this product on Amazon, and those tell a somewhat different story: although there have so far been only seven reviews of Lipo30, six out of seven award only one star out of five and claim that the users lost no weight whilst using the product.

Is it worth buying?

Until the manufacturers are able to show that the ingredients and dosages within Lipo30 are both safe and effective, this is a product that is hard to give any real recommendation.

Alternatives to consider – Ketone Balance Duo

ketone balance duoThose looking for a natural fat burner, which contains effective amounts of fat burning compounds, should consider the relatively new Ketone Balance as a good option.

Of all the supplements we have examined in recent months, this particular formula featured two very capable ingredients – Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee. Early feedback is very good, with the majority of users reporting great results within a matter of weeks of use.

Read more about Ketone Balance duo here

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