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Evolution Slimming’s LDD (Liquid Diet Drops) – Do they really work?

ldd-liquid-diet-dropsThe latest trend to hit the UK dieting market is the concept of Diet Drops. Already popular in the States, the idea of LDD is a programme that combines the drops with a calorie restricted diet plan in order to force your body to burn existing fat as its primary energy source.

Evolution Slimming is always ahead of the game when it comes to the weight-loss market, being the first and only UK brand to bring this kind of product to the market.

We know from experience that Evolution Slimming has a reputation for providing high quality products as well as service, but this is a new one on us, so how exactly does it work?

What is LDD?

LDD is advertised as an appetite suppressant and energy booster in liquid form. The idea is to drop small amounts, as directed, from the pipette bottle under the tongue, twice a day.  According to the website, LDD are a safe alternative to hCG drops (a controversial dieting craze that hit the headlines recently).

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They are essentially, a combination of naturally occurring amino acids that can help ‘reset’ the hypothalamus; the part of the brain responsible for hormone production. The result of this is the increase of signals from the brain that tell the body to burn existing fat as an energy source.

The LDD Diet is not quite as simple as just taking the drops however, it is important that you follow the ‘LDD Protocol’ (see image below) which is a strict, low calorie diet plan that could see you losing as much as a 1lb a day – according to some customers.


Does it work?

A restricted calorie diet will always boost weight-loss; the body is forced to burn existing fat within the body in order to function effectively, the problem being that this leads to feelings of hunger and cravings which normally cause a diet to fail. Following the LDD plan however, means that you can enjoy the benefits of the low calorie diet without raiding the cupboards for snacks, thanks to its appetite suppressing qualities.


  • If the reported results are anything to go by, this product could be a potential game changer for dieters.


  • Of course, there are cons; a 500 calorie a day diet is going to be tricky to begin with for anyone. It will require some work and effort to learn which foods are going to keep you going without the urge to snack, however if the LDD’s do what they claim, this may not be too much of problem.

What do customers say?

The Evolution Slimming site is full of positive customer reviews for LDD. So far, it has scored 4.5 out of 5 stars from almost 1000 reviews. One customer reported losing 11lb in just two weeks, another 4lb in six days. The results appear to be dramatic and while most admit that the plan is hard to stick to, to begin with, they all say that it gets easier over time.


Is it worth buying?

It all looks very good so far, with so many positive reviews it’s definitely one to look into. Of course, the price tag is a little hefty, at $78 per bottle, but as with most things, you do get what you pay for and the formula is expensive to produce.

LDDIn conclusion we’re definitely interested in this new wave of dieting product, it will most certainly be one to watch. We would love to hear comments from others who have tried this product, leave your feedback below!

How much does it cost and where to buy?


Available to buy direct from Evolution Slimming, use the coupon code “WGSLIM” to save 10% sitewide.

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