Obesitrol Review

Obesitrol is a relatively new diet pill supplied by R Walker LLC, based in Utah, they are also behind better known products such as Apidexin.

It is a standard looking weight loss pill, its formula comprises just four ingredients, one of which is caffeine and the others are herbal based.


The makers claim that Obesitrol is different to any other diet pill, but looking at the formula, we cannot find anything out of the ordinary.

The Ingredient profile is as follows

  • African Mango – has been known to help increase levels of the hormone leptin, this regulates feelings of hunger, which can help suppress appetite.
  • Proprietary blend containing olive leaf, mint, cumin and lady’s mantle – it is said that these natural ingredients help to improve digestion and stimulate the metabolism.
  • Cissus Quadrangularis – Asian fruit usually used to treat ulcers and infections, there are a few tests and trials being carried out that are looking into its roll as a weight loss ingredient
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Stimulant that will boost metabolism and increase natural fat burning procesess

All of these ingredients have undergone various forms of clinical studies and in the correct quantities can provide some good results, however its difficult to really know just how effective Obesitrol could be as the makers fail to disclose the actual amounts of each ingredients per dose. – a common problem with companies selling weak proprietary blends

Users Feedback

Independant reviews are rare, (maybe this is because the product is still relatively new and untested by the masses) the official website claims that 99% of users are satisfied with the results, but we have no way of knowing just how genuine these are.

Any Side Effects

None reported, those with a real sensitivity to caffeine may find this product unpalatable but should be fine for most users

Will Obesitrol Work

The jury is still out on this one, on paper it does have some proven ingredients, but because the makers prefer not to disclose the actual dosage its hard to know. With this one, its definitely a case of ‘pay your money and take your chances’


There is talk of a 90 day cash back guarantee, but there is no clear information on the website telling you how it works or how to make a claim

Our Verdict

Obesitrol should on paper have some beneficial effects for someone looking to lose weight,

That said, the undisclosed formula and the lack of clinical testing on Obesitrol as a product itself leads us to recommend that for now (at least) you look elsewhere.Phen375-bottlesblank

Top Rated Product

We would suggest having a look at Phen 375, it is a 100% naturally formulated, pharmaceutical grade alternative to the now banned drug phentermine, it provides proven weight loss, a safe and fully disclosed formula, an easily contactable customer service department and a full 60 day cash back guarantee.

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2 comments on “Obesitrol
  1. nece says:

    This obesitrol has to be a scam, first of all I ordered one bottle 5 days ago, no pills received, guarantee shipping 24 hrs. They charged me for 3 bottles vs one. It never gave a confirmation but ask me to review an offer I said yes and it charged me for it and then gave confirmation of 47.00 vs. 24. No way to verify that any order was placed I cant reach them on the phone at all

  2. Kirby Lewis says:

    This product did not work for me. I returned the order, but now Vitamin Organics has charged me for a second order that I did not place. Beware this seller!

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