Does Phenphedrine Live Up To The Hype

When we first saw Phenphedrine it was obvious immediately that the makers were trading on two of the most known (but now banned) weight loss compounds – Phentermine and Ephedra. To us , this was a strange policy – trying to associate your self with something that was illegal and potentially dangerous.Phenphedrine


The website is a typical diet pill design – full of hype and claims along with the usual photo of a doctor (or someone in a white coat anyway)

The first thing that we always look for is the contact details, we believe that a good company will provide a physical address in addition to a phone number and email.

Sadly the makers of Phenphedrine fail to do this, there is a phone number that nobody answered and when we sent an email to them, we never received a reply.

What we did manage to find out is that the company are called Excitement Dietetics LLC and are based in Utah – the weight loss scam city of the world

The Claims Made By Phenphedrine

There are plenty of generic statements like ‘Want to lose weight fast?’ or ‘Guaranteed Results’

All in all the tactics and the copy are quite cleverly done, all psychological tricks to get you to buy.


The formula includes – Dicaffeine Malate ( coffee) Caffeine Anhydrous, Hops, Green Tea, Phenylamine (amphetamine type effects) 1,3 dimethylamine

The entire core of the ingredients is built around stimulants, in fact they make several references to amphetamines and even cocaine on their website.

This would not be suitable for anybody with an intolerance to stimulants, or anybody with any hint of a heart problem

Is It Clinically Approved

We could find no references to any clinical trials involving phenphedrine, What we did find however was a reference to it in a national newspaper, that highlighted the potential risks from taking weight loss pills like this.


Does Phenphedrine Work

Lets be clear, some of the ingredients in Phenphedrine are known ( in the correct dosage) to help generate weight loss, that said the lack of testing and the recent media findings on the formula leads us to believe that taking this particular product could be a risk to your health.

Where To Buy

If you still want to try this risky product, you can buy direct from the official website – Good Luck!!

Our Verdict

Definitely one for the trash can, there are too many concerns surrounding Phenphedrine to allow us to even slightly considering it a viable option – Steer Well Clear


We would suggest that you choose a product that is supplied by a reputable company, one that fully discloses its ingredients, guarantees its products and also is not afraid to publish full contact details.

One such product is Phen375, a naturally based Phentermine alternative that provides all the benefits of the banned weight loss prescription drug, but without any of the well documented side effects.

Phen375 is sold directly to slimmers worldwide, they have an easily contactable customer service department and provide a full 60 day cash back guarantee on all purchases

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