Phenterfein Review


 Is This The Most Over Hyped Diet Pill Of All Time?

Phenterfein is marketed as (to quote) the ‘Worlds Strongest Diet Pill’, they have developed and formulated the product after searching ‘high and low’ for the worlds best ingredients aimed at providing users with maximum fat burning, appetite suppressing and mood enhancing properties.

The makers rely on phrases that include ‘Hardcore Stimulant’, the website describes its affects as taking a ‘hit’ with users experiencing a euphoria.

Phenterfein is a non prescription slimming pill, it is 100% legal and contains many ingredients that are found in numerous weight loss products

Ingredients In Phenterfein


Phenterfein is formulated using undisclosed amounts of

  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Glucuronolacton
  • Evodiamine
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Salvia Scvlarea Extract
  • Yohimbe
  • Octopamine HCL


Take 4 capsules (2 twice) daily as directed, do not take within 8 hours of bedtime as the high levels of stimulants in the formula can and will disrupt sleep patterns

Side Effects

Most users report that the high level of stimulants causes shaking or the ‘jitters’ This is most definitely what the makers classify as ‘Euphoria’ . Not suitable for asthmatics, pregnant or lactating women and anybody with caffeine intolerance

Our Verdict

Over Hyped and at around $80 for a months supply – ridiculously overpriced, Buyers could experience the same feelings of Euphoria by drinking a couple of strong expresso’s in quick succession.

There are no documented details of any trials, tests or any independent testimonials that lead us to believe that this is anything but a total waste of money. One To Avoid!!

Any Guarantees

None Provided

Where To Buy Phenterfein

Not available from any truly respectable retailers, the official website seems to be the only source. Phenterfein is expensive at around $80 for a months supply

Recommended Fat BurnerPhen375-bottlesblank

One of the strongest non prescription slimming pills is Phen 375

Manufactured in a government approved facility to the highest standards, it offers users a safe and effective way to lose weight without risk. – and whats more the makers back up the product with a full cash back guarantee

Available without prescription, Phen 375 can be easily bought direct from the official website – shipping is worldwide and is fast and discreet

More About Phen 375

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