Phentirimine Review

Phentirimine – Should I Buy?

Phentirimine is another weight loss product trying to promote itself as a safe alternative to banned diet drug phentermine.

But Is It Any Good?

Phentirimine is made by Labs Division of New York, its one of 4 very similar products in their rangephentirimine

They sell the pill from the official website which we have to say is rather amateur in appearance. They use a lot of doctor images and references to try and make you think that the product is approved and used by doctors – Its Not!!

Phentirimine claims that it can help you lose weight quickly and safely, it is sold as an appetite suppressant that should be taken in conjunction with a diet/exercise plan to reduce weight.


This is where it gets interesting, there is absolutely no information whatsoever on the ingredients used in Phentirimine, all they do tell you is that the product does not contain any speed or amphetamines.

Why a company would expect anybody to buy a product when they don’t even disclose the ingredients amazes us!!

Any Side Effects

The makers claim that there are no side effects with this product – something that is hard to confirm when we don’t know whats in the pill

Any Guarantees

Nothing at all, in fact the company charge you $15 if you dare to cancel your order before its shipped.

Users Feedback

None At All


Currently sold for between $69 – $79 for 120 tabs

They do also offer an auto ship program where you agree to take a bottle every 24 days (your credit card being charged automatically), this is a slightly cheaper option but beware – These schemes are notoriously hard to cancel – and sometimes impossible !!

Our Verdict

Avoid This Product Like The Plague, this is a classic case of a company trying to link to and use the well known name of Phentermine to sell what is quite possibly an ineffective, worthless placebo product.

Our conclusion is that you should choose a product that is made by a reputable company, one that fully discloses its ingredient mix , can back up its claims and offers a full cash back guarantee.

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