Phentramin D

Phentramin D

 What Is Phentramin D

Phentramin D joins the ranks of an ever increasing number of products all basing themselves on the now banned diet drug Phentermine.

Made in the USA by Lazurus Labs, it is portrayed as a natural and safe alternative to Phentermine (aka Adipex)Phentramin-d-Reviews

It has been formulated to work in two ways, tackling two of the most comm one reasons for weight gain – sluggish fat burning processes and portion control/emotional eating.

Then formula works to increase the metabolism by thermogenesis and it also changes the way the body interprets feelings of hunger, leading to reduced cravings.

Phentramine D uses comparisons against Phentermine which is now only legally available by strict prescription and under close medical guidance to those that are extremely obese.

Phentermine was banned due to the way it affects the body’s nervous system, causing amphetamine type side effects, Phentramine D on the other hand is a natural based product that according to the makers does not cause any of the side effects linked to its banned counterpart.


The manufacturers fail to disclose any real information about the ingredients in Phentramin D, we do know that there are two main ingredients, these are

  • Trimethylxanthine – basically a powerful form of caffeine
  • Dimenthylphentylamine – helps to trigger the metabolism of stored fat, increasing energy and metabolism

Lazurus Labs claim that the formula has been scientifically developed and tested, but choose not to offer any proof or any information to back up this claim.

Any Side Effects ?

As a natural based product, adverse reactions should not be a problem for most users, that said, the product is very high in stimulants and therefore could cause problems for those with an intolerance to caffeine. Users could experience disrupted sleep and most certainly, anybody with heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes should not take Phentramin D

Any Guarantees

None Offered By Manufacturer

Our Verdict

It’s a shame because based on the two listed ingredients that are known to raise metabolism and generate weight loss Phentramin D could be a very good product.

We have two reservations that stop us recommending Phentramin D. These are the failure of the manufacturers to fully disclose the exact formulation along with the actual quantity of each ingredient per dose, and the lack of any form of guarantee.

We suggest that until the makers supply some credible proof and evidence on the formulation and any clinical trials that users look elsewhere for their weight loss supplement.

Phen375-bottlesblankBetter Option

Why Not Check Out Phen 375 – another naturally formulated Phentermine alternative, but this one enjoys the benefits of a fully disclosed ingredients list, it’s made in a government approved manufacturing facility to exacting standards and to back up the clinically proven claims, the makers provide all buyers with a full cash back guarantee.

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