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What is RealDose and are there any side effects?

Realdose Weight Loss Formula bottleRealDose Weight Loss Formula is a diet pill that claims to use potent, clinically proven ingredients to help fight fat, suppress the appetite and even increase mood.

The RealDose Nutrition website is pretty impressive, offering, at first glance, all the information you should expect from a supplement provider; but the question still remains as to whether or not this pill actually works.

From the off, RealDose doesn’t advertise clearly what exactly it’s proven ingredients are, this takes a little digging, and since it’s never advisable to take any weight-loss brand at their word, let’s look a little closer.

What ingredients are in the Realdose formula?

The RealDose formula uses several ingredients in its blend; a couple of which are relatively well known and used as weight-loss enhancers in their own right, the other however are pretty unknown, or at least rarely used. RealDose ingredients include:

  • Green Coffee Extract: (or Svetol Green Coffee), a massively popular inclusion in countless diet pills currently on the market. Green Coffee (basically raw coffee) contains a much higher amount of Chlorogenic acid than its roasted counterpart which helps to control blood sugar levels. This can also help control hunger pangs as well as prevent the over absorption of sugar into the blood stream.
  • Capsicum: RealDose also includes capsicum extract, a substance that, in theory, boosts thermogenesis within the body and helps to almost literally ‘melt’ fat. The RealDose quantity is pretty low though, and other substances have proven far more effective in trials.
  • Dolichos Biflorus and Piper Betle Leaf Extract: are quite unheard of, but RealDose claims they are well known for boosting the body’s production of Adiponectin (a hormone that helps break down fatty acids and control blood sugar levels). There are a number of ingredients in the dieting world that are renowned for this very action (for example Garcinia Cambogia), these two however are not the most well-known of them.
  • Siberian Rhodiola Rosea: supposedly controls stress hormone levels, and therefore should help improve mood. If this works, it can be a good appetite suppressant since many of the chemicals in the brain responsible for mood are also linked to hunger.

It’s worth noting at this point that any clinical research included on the RealDose website is for the ingredients individually, not for the company’s brand itself. So there is actually no way of knowing whether or not RealDose works as a weight-loss enhancer since its blend has not yet been subjected to any scientific research of its own.

Are there any side effects?

Given that all of the ingredients are natural, there should be no nasty effects from taking RealDose. So far, no one has reported any side effects as a result of taking the pills, but it’s wise to always check with a Health Care Professional before taking any new supplements.

What are the customers saying? -reviews and feedback

realdose-websiteIt’s a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to customer reviews of this product. While a good chunk of people have experienced some weight-loss, the majority of those also recommend following the accompanying diet book (which you would have to purchase separately at an additional cost).

Even then, the weight-loss recorded has not been anything more than you would expect from following a strict diet. The negative reviews are plenty, with most people saying they noticed no difference to their appetite at all.


  • All natural ingredients, so no nasty side effects.
  • Clinically trialled ingredients (although no clinical trials into the RealDose blend itself as yet).
  • Some positive feedback from customers.


  • Fairly unknown ingredients that have some pretty strong competitors in the market.
  • Quite a lot of negative feedback from customers.
  • Lower than recommended quantities of ingredients for the purposes of weight-loss and an additional ‘proprietary blend’ of others.

RealDose weight loss formula conclusion

We’re not sold on RealDose quite yet. With a little more research and perhaps some tweaking to its formula, it has the potential to be a contender in the weight-loss world, but at present, it’s just not stacking up to the competition. And at a pretty whopping $67 per one month supply, it’s not exactly the cheapest brand out there.

Recommended alternatives…Phen375 Fat Burner

phen375-customer-reviewsThere is no doubt that a dual action supplement which works to both reduce feelings of hunger, and boost the rate at which calories are burned, is going to be the most effective strategy.

However, very few supplements can actually lay claim to this method of action, with only a handful really worth their salt.

One of these is Phen375 which has a solid reputation for helping people suppress their appetite and burn fat more quickly.

What really sets Phen375 apart from the competition is the fact it is manufactured in FDA approved labs, and has a strong formulation which really gets results.

Read more about Phen375 in our review here


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