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Does Skinny Fiber really work to lower appetite or is it a scam?

Skinny-FiberSkinny Fiber is one of countless appetite suppressing pills that claim to help you lose weight by preventing hunger pangs and helping you control your portion size.

It is predominantly aimed at women with its hot pink design and skinny cartoon image of a beautiful woman on the packaging.

The website states that the pills will ‘control your appetite, cleanse the body of toxins, increase energy, trap/burn fat and give you a flatter tummy’, all with its natural ingredients and nutrient rich enzymes.

How does Skinny Fiber work?

glucomannanThe main ingredient used here is Glucomannan, a derivative of the Konjac Root which is known to have some good potential health benefits, especially for the digestive system.

In truth, Glucomannan can be a highly effective appetite suppressant and has been used as such for generations in its native East Asia, but it is also known only to be effective in certain quantities, and also been subject to some controversy in the past.

Other than its active ingredient, Glucommanan, which is very popular in other pills right now, there is no real explanation of its other ‘proprietary blend’ of ingredients and how exactly they work.

In fact, the Skinny Fiber website itself is rather confusing, and is rife with nonsensical jargon that is obviously there to ‘psychobabble’ customers into buying the product without looking into it too much.

Is it a scam?scam

There is not a great deal of evidence that supports Skinny Fiber’s claims, there appears to have been no clinical trial or investigation into its effectiveness and while there are a few positive customer reviews online, they are few and far between and even those that say it works haven’t had the most impressive weight-loss realistically.

One customer claims to have lost 4lbs in 2 months; not exactly ground breaking weight-loss when compared to many other natural appetite suppressants and fat burners on the market at the moment.

Is Skinny Fiber recommended?

Skinny Fiber appears to be a pretty inferior appetite suppressant that is a marketing ploy to make some big money. The company offers a money back guarantee that, worryingly, seems all too similar to the auto-ship programmes of other products.

Another worrying concept is that the brand seems to be a pyramid scheme and the website focuses quite heavily on finding agents to sell its products, rather than customers.

As a result, it’s all too easy to buy Skinny Fiber from absolutely any agent of the brand on Ebay or Amazon and puts customers at risk when they are not entirely sure who they are purchasing through.

The lack of detailed information on the company or its product is off-putting. Unfortunately, Skinny Fiber appears to be a money-making machine as opposed to a worth-while weight-loss supplement.


Are appetite suppressants a good idea?

The biggest obstacle to your weight-loss will always be that dreaded hunger that goes hand in hand with calorie restriction and portion control. The harsh reality is that most of us over-eat; we snack between meals, go back for seconds and generally misunderstand what correct portion sizes actually look like.

This can be a terrible shock the system when we first begin that somewhat painful journey towards weight-loss. Many of the best dieting supplements on the market aim to combat this exact issue. Appetite Suppressants have been one of the most popular ways to lose weight for much longer than people realise, and today’s market is no exception.

Recommended Alternatives…Phen375

Phen375-bottlesTypically a combination of a good quality appetite suppressant alongside an effective metabolism booster almost guarantees weight loss results. The simple fact is the less you eat and the more calories you burn, the more likely you are too see the fat begin to melt off.

One of the very best natural fat burner/appetite suppressing supplements is Phen375 –  a dual action and prescription-free slimming aid which is formulated in FDA approved labs under strict controls.

The astonishing thing about Phen375 is the sheer volume of positive user feedback and testimonials, with most users finding they are able to cut down on their food intake without feeling hungry. Results are also surprising too, with average weight loss of around 2-4lbs per week in the first few months of taking it.

Read more about Phen375 in our review here

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