Svetol Green Coffee

Does Svetol Green Coffee really work?

What is Svetol Green Coffee?

Svetol-Green-Coffee-Bean-extractSvetol Green Coffee is the latest in an explosion of slimming pills to utilise the new found effectiveness of Green Coffee as a weight loss supplement.

The brand is marketed and manufactured by top UK supplement retailer Evolution Slimming, and is fast earning a reputation as a powerful dietary aid, with scientific research and evidence to back up its claims.

So how does it work?

Green Coffee is becoming a staple ingredient in diet pills (even more so though than regular coffee extract) due to its lower level of caffeine (which often causes side effects) and much higher level of Chlorogenic Acids. Green Coffee is essentially raw coffee; the unroasted beans of the Robusta Coffee plant.

Chlorogenic Acid has been the subject of numerous clinical studies in recent years, and it has proven itself as an effective slimming aid. Research suggests that Chlorogenic Acid helps to control blood sugar levels and prevents excess glucose being absorbed into the blood stream.

This reduction in glucose means that the body’s only alternative is to burn fat rather than carbohydrates for its energy source.


Svetol Green Coffee itself has been clinically trialled, and in a study carried out on 50 individuals, it demonstrated a reduction in body weight by as much as 5.7% over the course of 60 days.

That equates to between 5 and 11lbs in candidates whose BMI (Body Mass Index) was over 25.

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How does it compare to other Green coffee brands?

While Green Coffee is already naturally lower in caffeine content than its roasted alternative, it does  still contain a notable amount of this common stimulant. This has lead to many reviewers of other brands warning about potential side effects, and some users complaining of “jittery” feelings and headaches.

However, the Svetol brand has reduced the overall caffeine content, providing virtually no caffeine at all (just 2% in total), opting to use decaffeinated beans in its formulation. This is a welcome move by the manufacturer and means it should be suitable for those even with caffeine sensitivity.


Another benefit here is its guaranteed 50% Chlorogenic Acid per dose. As much as 90mg of each capsule is the fat burning compound Chlorogenic Acid, meaning that you are getting the highest quality and quantity of its active ingredient as possible.

After reviewing a number of green coffee diet pills over the years, we can safely say that this high percentage of Chlorogenic Acid is unique to this product, making Svetol potentially one of the most effective green coffee supplements currently available.

Are there any side effects of Svetol Green Coffee?

Due to the exceptionally low levels of caffeine in Svetol Green Coffee, the risk of side effects is especially low. Caffeine is known to cause headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations and jitteriness, but with as little as 2% caffeine per pill, the chances you will experience any of these is very unlikely.

Is it worth buying?
Overall : 4.5stars4.5/5 stars

3-bottles-of-Svetol-green-coffee-bean-extractHaving read the many online customer reviews of Svetol Green Coffee, along with the scientific research, we can confidently recommend it for those in the market for this particular fat burner.

The official Evolution Slimming website (which allows customer to leave their own reviews) has already awarded this brand an overall 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The published research is readily available and the ingredients and quantites are clearly labelled; add to that the current money saving offer that lets you purchase Svetol Green Coffee for as little as £24.99 (for a one month supply), and you have a fat burner that is guaranteed to get results.

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