Synedrex side effects and bad reviews

Synedrex diet pill review – Does it really work?

synedrex bottleSynedrex is a relatively new diet supplement produced by Metabolic Nutrition.

It is claimed to be the most powerful thermogenic fat-burner on the market, which will achieve weight-loss simply by taking one pill a day.

This will be achieved, it is suggested, by the stimulants within this product, which will increase the body’s metabolic rate and suppress the appetite.

What are the active Synedrex ingredients?


A stimulant similar to caffeine which is thought to boost the metabolism, increase energy levels and burn calories. As with caffeine, this stimulant may increase the heart rate, cause insomnia and anxiety. As one of the effects of this stimulant is to raise levels of adrenaline, this may in turn suppress the appetite.


Is a form of Bitter Orange, and is also a stimulant which works in the same way as Methylxanthine by increasing the metabolism. There is a considerable body of research suggesting that Synephrine can produce some dangerous side effects such as heart palpitations and strokes.

It has been banned in a number of countries following reports that its use led to several deaths. On that basis, Synephrine really is not an ingredient that anyone should want to introduce into their diet. Even if potential customers were convinced that Synephrine is a less dangerous form of Bitter Orange than Ephedrine, taking Synephrine in conjunction with Methylxanthine and Sibutramine (see below) cannot be good for overall health, even if it does help to burn a few calories.

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The third dangerous ingredient is Sibutramine which has also been withdrawn from use in a number of countries worldwide, including Australia (see article at

This drug, which suppresses appetite and increases levels of serotonin, has also been linked with heart problems, strokes and renal failure. On that basis it would be extremely unwise to use products containing this ingredient.

The three potentially dangerous ingredients above would probably be sufficient to put most potential customers off buying this diet pill, but this one contains even more:

  • R-ß-Methylphenethylamine is an amphetamine – another stimulant – which though legal in its own right, may prove dangerous in conjunction with other stimulants.
  • 3 Dimethylamine Synthetic is banned in a number of countries because of its potentially fatal side effects.
  • Yohimbine, which is believed to burn fat, is also thought to increase heart rate and blood pressure, and in conjunction with all the other ingredients which produce similar side-effects, Yohimbine becomes a dangerous addition.

Alongside these potentially lethal ingredients are some which may be beneficial to health such as Green Tea Extract, various vitamins and Chromium, but none of these is capable of countering the potentially dangerous conditions which may be precipitated by the ingredients discussed above – heart attacks, strokes and renal failure.

Is this product effective?

It is very likely that Synedrex really is effective as a fat-burner and appetite suppressant, and that users will feel energised and healthy whilst using the product.

Is Synedrex safe?

synedrex-websiteVery definitiely not: Synedrex contains a number of ingredients which have been proven to be dangerous.

Formulating a product from a combination of wholly suspect ingredients is foolhardy and iniquitous and those who are seeking a diet pill to support their weight-loss programme should look at safer alternatives.

The manufacturers have ensured that the safety of this product cannot accurately be assessed by their failure to disclose the quantities of the active ingredients, but even at relatively low levels, many ingredients in Synedrex could cause serious health problems.

Customers feedback – are there any Synedrex bad reviews?

Many, in fairness, have lauded the weight-loss properties of this product. Those who follow forum discussions on diet websites may have noted a number of adverse comments from those who have experienced severe side effects from using Synedrex, including for male users, the inability to sustain an erection.

Even the manufacturer advises that users may need to reduce the dosage to one tablet every second day where the effects of the drug become overwhelming.


  • There is no doubt that the ingredients in this diet pill could contribute to a weight-loss programme
  • The manufacturer offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee


  • A significant proportion of the ingredients in Synedrex have been demonstrated to be potentially dangerous to users

synedrex bottleIs it worth buying?

Surely there can be few people who would consider losing a few pounds to be more important than good health.

The risks attached to many of the ingredients in Synedrex are simply too great. Not recommended.

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