Tea Tone Plus

What is Tea Tone Plus, how does it work?

Tea-tone-plus-bottleTea Tone Plus is a slimming aid in the form of a tablet that the manufacturers claim will help a dieter experience fast weight loss results.

Tea Tone Plus is made from 100% all-natural ingredients and is designed to boost a person’s metabolism. It also promises it has a proven track record via its advanced formula with many positive customer experiences.

The tablets themselves are a mix of three different types of weight-loss teas and raspberry ketones. They are made by RDK Pharmaceuticals, who are a respected manufacturer of all-natural supplements.

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Is it effective?

Tea Tone Plus combines four key, natural ingredients. These ingredients are:

tea-tone-plus-ingredientsbullet Oolong tea extract

Oolong tea has been traditional thought to aid in weight loss, as well as offering a variety of health benefits. In a recent study at the Human Nutrition Research Center in Maryland, a group of participants were given the tea to drink, in tandem with a control group who were just given water. At the end of the study it was found that those who drank the tea on average burned more calories per day than those that didn’t.

tea-tone-plus-ingredients2bullet Pu-erh tea extract

Pu-erh tea extract contains medium-to-high levels of caffeine. Caffeine has long been proven to boost energy levels within humans, and increase metabolism. It also stimulates the muscles and central nervous system, causing your body to expend more energy.

tea-tone-plus-ingredients3bullet Green tea extract

In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that Green tea extract caused a significant increase in the expenditure of energy, and had a reasonably significant effect on the oxidation of fat. Remarkably, it was also discovered that green tea caused around a 40% increase in thermogenesis, which is the body’s own rate of burning calories.

tea-tone-plus-ingredients4bullet Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are what cause the aroma of red raspberries. This substance helps regulate adiponectin, which is a protein used by the body to regulate metabolism. Raspberry ketones also helps the body to break down fat with body cells more effectively, which in turns aids the body in burning fat faster.

In short, Tea Tone Plus combines four ingredients that have all been proven to help in weight-loss, especially when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Customer feedback

The majority of customer testimonials about Tea Tone Plus are very positive, with only a few stating that Tea Tone Plus did not help them lose weight.

The only negative reviews of Tea Tone Plus seems to come from people who complain it made them irritable and restless, but these symptoms are typical of people who are intolerant to caffeine, and Tea Tone Plus is a high-caffeine product.


Is it recommended?

Tea Tone Plus OfferTea Tone Plus does seem to have a lot going for it. Its made by a respected and trusted manufacturer and is comprised of four ingredients which are 100% natural and have been clinically proven to support weight loss.

There are plenty of positive customer testimonials and most of the results reported seem realistic and genuine, with a number of independent websites giving it a firm recommendation.

All in all, well worth consideration for those looking for a natural slimming aid containing some potent fat burners.

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