Vysera CLS Review

Can Vysera CLS Really Transform Your Body In 30 Days?

Recent newswire reports tell us about the launch of a new weight loss pill that has made some rather astounding claims and promises..

vysera_product The product – called Vysera CLS is made by Bremenn Clinical.. the makers make some pretty wild claims about what their pill can do…called a body shaping pill, it can ( they claim) ‘Reshape Your Body In 30 Days’

The makers claim that their exciting formula uses a new magic compound that can literally take away unwanted fat.. the official website states that their claims are supported by research published in the British Journal Of Nutrition.. they tell us that this mystery compound reduces level of the hormone Ghrelin which is the one responsible for our hunger….

there is however, no actual web link to this trial or its results so we have no idea if this claim is accurate..

We made a search with the British Journal Of Nutrition for ‘Vysera CLS’ and returned no results..

 Whats In The Formula

The manufacturers do not disclose any information on the formula found in Vysera CLS anywhere on either their press releases or the official website..the site is totally built around selling the product to you without disclosing anything about the formula at all..

Quite frankly, why anybody would buy and take anything without knowing what’s in the capsule astounds us.. quite simply you do not know if there is anything that would react with your body or otherwise cause you harm..

From our own research we have managed to discover the formula and we have to reveal that its largely built around amino acids and other largely unproven ingredients.Vysera-Ingredients-from-DietPillbuyer.com_

Results From Taking Vysera CLS

Weight Loss

Its unlikely to generate any weight loss, let alone reshaping your body in 30 days.. 4 of the ingredients are amino acids, and three of these have no actual link to weight loss. The claim that you can lose weight without reducing calorie intake or taking exercise is totally incorrect and should be discounted once and for all.

How Fast It Works

If you do manage to lose any weight while on this product, any results will be slow to come by…. many of the ingredients are naturally found in the body anyway and because of this you are adding nothing different to the body that could trigger the suggested benefits

Reducing Appetite

There are no ingredients in the mix that have any recognised appetite suppressing properties, although the makers claim that it affects the hormone Ghrelin, there is no firm evidence to be found either on the website or elsewhere.


Overall there is not a lot in this product that could cause you harm… there is one ingredient ( acetylcysteine) that has been linked to heart and kidney damage if taken for extended periods of time, so be aware…


At $100 for a months supply (£59.95) it is seriously overpriced at best… its formula and the few reviews from existing users that we have found do nothing to justify its high price.

 Where To Buy Vysera CLS

You can buy direct from the manufacturers ( who provide an autoship subscription where they ship you a months supply every 4 weeks) it is also available from regular sources such as Amazon.

 Any Guarantees Offered?

There are no guarantees provided by the manufacturer

 Our Thoughts

Overpriced and over hyped…. Vysera CLS offers nothing concrete to substantiate its claims

The failure to publicise the ingredients and also the dreaded auto ship program ( which are notoriously hard to cancel) leave us with just one verdict….

 Leave This One Alone – Save Your Money

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