Yacon Syrup Diet Review

The Yacon Diet Reviewed – Where To Buy Yacon Syrup Diet

The weight loss industry as a whole is always looking for the ‘Next Big Thing” and this year is no exception….

yacondietbuyThere is a distinct difference this year however… unlike many occasions when we as consumers are bombarded with over hyped claims for this product or that, most of it coming from the manufacturers or marketing people employed to blindly promote what ever the product is.

But when independent experts and dieticians start raving about a particular product, we cannot help but take note and pay attention.

Yacon syrup is being recommended as probably the most complete slimming aid that has ever been released…

Its relatively inexpensive, simple to use and IT WORKS..

The Manufacturers Claim That Yacon Syrup Can

  • Increase Fat Burning
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Increase The Burning Of Calories Providing More Energy And Increased Weight Loss

These have been independently verified by clinical experts in their field and stringent testing.

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What Is Yacon Syrup

Taken from an extract of the roots of the Yacon plant ( Smallanthus Sonchifolius), the product is a sweet syrupy substance.

A native of south America, in particular the Andes mountain region, the extract ( and the roots themselves) have formed part of the local tribes people’s diet and in the treatment of stomach problems and diabetesyacon-syrup-1

Other countries use the leaves to make drinks ( as a form of Tea).

Recommended By Dr Oz

Often used also as a low calorie sweetener, the taste of the syrup has been likened to figs or raisins.. It has built up quite a good reputation for helping to reduce weight, and following stringent clinical trials and the appearance on American TV and being recommended by DR OZ has grown in popularity.

The Dr Oz Show released details of one clinical trial:

  • Involving 60 participants over 3 weeks 
  • Over 73% lost weight
  • Average weight loss was 2.9 lbs
  • 14 women lost over 5 lbs
  • Average loss of just under 2” from their waist measurement

Simple To Take

Yacon-Diet-1You can buy the supplement in both tablet form and a syrup… it is recommended that both are used together for maximum results but you can use either independently if you prefer

How Does It Work

Yacon syrup has extensive beneficial properties, it is high in a digestive fibre that helps to improve general digestive health, it also has benefits that boost the immune system, regulating the peptides that regulate food intake and control insulin levels.

The Yacon Diet:

  • Helps to reduce appetite
  • increase calorie expenditure
  • Increases natural fat burning
  • It also has been proven to help the body absorb more of the calcium and minerals from the food that you eat and can help improve bone density…

Who Can Use Yacon Syrup

Virtually anybody can enjoy the benefits of this supplement, in particular

  • Anybody who is obese
  • Those With digestive problems/ constipation
  • People With elevated blood sugar levels

Our Verdict

Yacon has a long established history and track record and provides many well documented health benefits… it’s the weight loss effects of this wonder supplement that have contributed to the current ‘media buzz’ surrounding Yacon.

As with so many product releases, there are a number of Yacon based products that have been rushed out by unscrupulous companies hoping to cash in on the current media hype…

Some will no doubt work…. others will leave users out of pocket and frustrated….

The most potent and in particular the most effective in our view is the Original Yacon Diet

Where To Buy The Yacon Diet


The Yacon diet has its own official website, and this accepts orders from dieters worldwide, the makers ship to most countries and accept most currencies.

You can purchase the complete Yacon diet system, or if you prefer, the supplement or the syrup on their own..

Complete packages start from $65.00 (£35.00) – there are discounted prices for those with longer term weight loss goals who wish to order larger packages..

Click Here To Order The Yacon Diet

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  1. JAN LESTER says:

    I have angular glaucoma. Is this product safe to use?

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